Ana Lonescu

Small Business Owner

Our gas station is at a busy intersection near residences and office space. Our restrooms are open to paying customers and the general public. A mess was made that none of our staff were willing to clean. We hired commercial bathroom cleaning and we couldn’t believe that they not only cleaned the mess, but they were happy to do it.

John Smith

Club Owner

We own a nightclub in Minneapolis and there is always someone who has a bit too much fun and vomits all over the bathroom or the meal that they had earlier didn’t agree with them and they make our stalls unusable for the next guest. Commercial bathroom cleaning took care of it and we are happy to have them around in case it happens again.


Store Manager

We fired our last cleaning company due to complaints of negligence in the ladies room. commercial bathroom cleaning takes care of us now and cleanliness is an afterthought.

John Doe

Franchise Owner

I own a very popular chain restaurant and our establishment gets hammered when it comes to the bathroom. It’s tough to get our crew members to stop serving paying customers to go clean a dirty bathroom. Plus having to hear them complain about it or threaten to quit because of the condition of the bathroom makes my life a lot harder. Thank you commercial bathroom cleaning


Facilities Manager

Our manufacturing company is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except national holidays. We need our bathrooms cleaned several times a day, every single day because we have so many employees, contractors, and visitors coming in and out of our facility. Commercial bathroom cleaning really helps us out