Mop magic Floor Squeeze squeeze mop with bucket flat bucket rotating mop for wash floor house home cleaning cleaner easy 2020new



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  • Brand Name: lazyishhouse
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Material: Microfibre Fabric
  • Absorption: <10 seconds
  • Type: Cloth Cover Type
  • Component Type: Plastic Basket
  • Packaging: With 1 Mophead
  • Continuous Steaming Time: <15 minutes
  • Dehydration Rate: 90% -100%
  • Capacity: 301-500ml
  • Wringing Method: Sliding Type
  • Mop Rod Type: Hoisting Rod Plastic Tray
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Handle Type: magic
  • Head Shape: Rectangle
  • Weight: <2kg
  • Mop Head Material: PP
  • Pole Material: Steel
  • Steam Adjustment Function: No
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Feature: Stocked
  • Heat Up Time (min): 1-2
  • Mophead Quantity: 1
  • Model Number: 68077
  • Corrosion Resistance Grade: Grade 8.0-8.9
  • Mop Rod Load-bearing: <10kg
  • Mop: Mop
  • magic mop: magic mop
  • mop for wash floor: mop for wash floor
  • Floor mop: Floor mop
  • Squeeze mop: Squeeze mop
  • house cleaning: house cleaning

Product information

Name: Hand-free flat mop

Tow bar material: stainless steel

Plastic parts material: PP

Tractor material: quick-drying fine fiber

Water absorption: less than 10 seconds

Size: 19x16x34.5cm

No hand wash,Clean hands
Elution separation,Caring for floor cleaning

No hand wash,Make cleaning easier
No hand wash for wet and dry
Easy to wash dirty,Microfiber cleaning cloth
Quickly remove stains

Good helper for cleaning,The house is clean
No need to wash by hand, no need to twist
Easy and fast cleaning new experience

Wet and dry dual purpose, remove dry and wet mixed garbage, suitable for kitchen and bathroom
Elution separation, convenient direct elution water system, no hand washing and more labor saving
Strong applicability, suitable for different home improvement floors, meticulous care, and clean

Up and down three times,Cleaner than hand washing,Easy to wash dirty

Flexible roaming,Clean no dead ends
Easily remove stains from skirting, wall joints, ceilings, etc.

Wet and dry,Glow the net of the ground
Say goodbye to troubles, not only can clean dry garbage such as dust and hair, but also wet garbage to solve your cleaning problems

No need to bend down,Operate with one hand
No hand washing, no bending, no effort, time, worry and effort

Enlarge the panel
Time-saving and easy cleaning
Larger cleaning area than round mop
Save you more cleaning time

Thin energy drilling, clean bottom
Do not miss the bottom of the furniture
The tractor head is thin and flat design, which can go deep into the low space under the furniture to clean

Microfiber water-locking mop
Absorb water and decontaminate, and it can be done with one cloth to achieve detailed cleaning
Drag across the ground as clean as hand-wiping with a rag

360° flexible rotation
Bionic wrist drag head, which can be flexibly rotated 360°

Heighten the lid
Water stains are not spilled

Automatic rebound,More convenient cleaning
Whole house clean,Suitable for all kinds of ground

Anti-slip handle
Easy and smooth to lift

Mop magic Floor Squeeze squeeze mop with bucket flat bucket rotating mop for wash floor house home cleaning cleaner easy 2020new

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