Custom Cleaning Contracts for Commercial Bathrooms

  • We must know the condition of the commercial space that needs to be cleaned.
  • We will have a foreman perform a free walkthrough at your convenience so that we can get a true scope of work and provide an accurate price estimate.
  • You or an authorized decision maker will need to answer a few questions that help us get to know your specific needs.
  • Due to the nature of business cleaning services, we pay our cleaners more than fairly. They are doing work that most people refuse to do.
  • In fact, the bathroom is the main reason commercial cleaning companies get fired, replaced, or cut. In addition to, not being reliable and poor performance in other areas.
  • We have cleaned very unsanitary bathrooms and facilities. The dirtier the bathrooms and commercial spaces the more labor time, people, and chemical remedies needed to clean it. This results in a higher cost to you.
  • If you care about your visitors, patrons, staff members, and employees, you know two things.
    • They will need to use the bathroom facilities at some point
    • They expect it to be clean, if your bathrooms are consistently dirty they will think poorly of you.
  • A quote, detailing our commercial cleaning services charges for your unique needs will be given after we have seen the location and bathroom(s) that need cleaning.
  • As per commercial cleaning contracts, payment is due before service is performed. No exceptions.

We do pricing per fixture for our one-time deep cleaning and our 24-hour emergency cleaning.

cleaning example

Example Scenario: 1 bathroom in an office space needs daily cleaning. Additionally, the customer wants us to handle keeping the bathroom stocked with supplies. 5 days per week.

The scope of work:

  • 1 toilet
  • 1 sink
  • 1 urinal
  • 1 mirror
  • 1 stall
  • 1 floor
  • 4 walls
  • 1 hand dryer
  • 1 soap dispenser
  • supply the bathroom with hand soap, paper towels, toilet paper as needed.

1 part-time cleaner cleans and stocks this bathroom in 1 hour. 5 days per week. total labor hours is 5 hours per week. We would charge this customer

cleaning example

Example scenario: one-time deep cleaning scenario: 3 bathrooms total in a facility. 1 men’s room, 1 ladies room, 1 family bathroom.

The scope of work:

  • 6 toilets
  • 6 toilet paper dispensers
  • 6 sinks
  • 6 hand dryers
  • 2 urinals
  • 6 stalls
  • 1 baby changing station
  • 3 mirror
  • 3 floors
  • 12 walls
  • 3 hand dryer
  • 3 soap dispenser

1 part-time cleaner deep cleans these bathrooms in 4.5 hours. We would charge this customer

washroom cleaning

Example scenario: A big mess has been made in the ladies room and in the men’s bathroom. The bathrooms are highly unsanitary. The location is a local public library. They need cleaning services ASAP.

The scope of work: Get a crew to perform the cleaning ASAP.

  • 2 toilets
  • 2 sinks
  • 1 urinal
  • 2 mirror
  • 2 stall
  • 2 floor
  • 8 walls
  • 2 hand dryer
  • 2 soap dispenser
  • 2 toilet paper dispensers

We will on short notice, assemble a crew of 2 people, prepare them for the abnormal conditions of a very unsanitary bathroom. It will take the crew 3 hours to clean these bathrooms. We will charge the customer

Full time bathroom
cleaning example

Example Scenario: Customer is open 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. They have several shifts of employees. They need a full-time bathroom cleaning crew daily.

  • 40 hours per week of cleaning service
  • 10 fully equipped commercial bathrooms for employees total
  • 4 small bathrooms for management
  • supply the bathrooms with hand soap, paper towels, and toilet paper as needed.
  • occasional deep cleaning services
  • sanitizing and deodorizing services daily

We will charge this customer