EL Solutions LLC Joins The Minneapolis Chamber Of Commerce

the company is on a mission to set the standard in the local commercial bathroom cleaning industry, reports commercialbathroomcleaning.com.

The team at EL Solutions LLC is pleased to announce that their company has officially joined the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce. On a mission to set the standard in the local commercial bathroom cleaning industry, their membership in the organization will both give EL Solutions an opportunity to flourish and help them meet their goal of bringing much-needed services to local Minneapolis-St. Paul businesses.

“We could not be more excited about joining the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce,” said Eric Maxwell of EL Solutions LLC. “Since this company’s inception, we have been committed to providing premier and specialized commercial cleaning services which raise the bar across our industry. As the leading chamber in the Metro area representing the interests of more than 1,500 businesses – including Fortune 500 companies – we know that the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce shares our attitude of excellence and the vision we have for offering nothing less than the very best to local business owners.”

The EL Solutions LLC team would like to extend special thanks to Brent Pavia, the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce’s Director of Membership for gifting them the book “Minneapolis at 150 Years” upon confirmation of the company’s membership. As a current member of the Minneapolis chamber of commerce, their membership badge is proudly displayed on the front page of their website in the featured by section.

Mr. Maxwell went on to say, “Becoming a member of the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce is about more than just us providing clean, sanitized, and deodorized bathrooms. It’s one thing to build a successful business, but it’s another thing to do so with the support of the local business community. As members, we’re all working towards the same goal of serving our community well and making Minneapolis-St. Paul an amazing place to live, work and play, and we’re thrilled to be a part of something like this.”

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About EL Solutions LLC:

EL Solutions LLC DBA Commercial Bathroom Cleaning looks to solve the issues surrounding bathroom cleaning in commercial spaces. Co-owners Eric & Lareal Maxwell are passionate about the cleaning industry. They have identified a need in the marketplace and are out to solve it for the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro areas.