5 Things To Ask Yourself Before You Hire A Commercial Cleaning Bathroom Service

Hiring a commercial cleaning bathroom service can be extremely helpful. We reveal 5 things to ask yourself before you hire a commercial cleaning service.

According to recent reports, nearly 50% of customers who enter a restaurant with a filthy bathroom are going to tell their friends about it. Whether you run an office park, a daycare, or an exercise center, people who visit are going to relate your bathroom cleanliness to the service you provide. Getting the right commercial bathroom cleaner ensures the health, safety, and even just the general comfort of your clientele.

Here are five things to ask yourself when you’re looking for a commercial cleaner.

1. Can You Get Referrals?

When you’re looking for cleaning companies, you shouldn’t find one that simply seems attractive and nearby. It’s important that you find a cleaning company that has lots of clients who have lots of good things to say about them. If you don’t know any cleaning companies that friends or colleagues have raved about, ask about referrals.

Most of the best companies out there are proud of the clients they work with and are happy to send out referrals. Look for referrals from companies like yours that need to handle the kind of volume that you’re dealing with.

If you’ve been to an office recently and have seen a well-organized and clean bathroom, ask the owners who they use to clean. You can find the right cleaning company for you simply by keeping your eyes peeled and appreciating another nice bathroom.

2. Do You Have Time for an Interview?

When you’re setting yourself up with a commercial cleaning company to handle your bathrooms, you’re likely looking for someone you can leave to do the job. You don’t have time or energy to micromanage everything that’s going on with their work. You want to set them up and let them do the work.

That means that you’ll have to set up and interview in advance. If you’re not hip to the lingo of commercial cleaning, you’ll at least learn as you start your interviews. Ask them if you don’t understand a term they’ve used and expect them to explain to you fully what they’re talking about.

Asking the right questions is important when conducting an interview with a cleaning company. Ask them to give you a comprehensive run through on what they can provide. It’s likely they’ll want to see your facility before they agree to do anything.

While it’s hard to quantify, you’re going to want to feel comfortable with talking to them. You’ll know that feeling when you trust someone versus when you don’t.

3. Will They Provide Their Own Supplies?

If you’re looking to avoid having to micromanage your bathroom cleaner, you should make sure they’re going to provide all of their own supplies. You might have to pay a premium to have them provide all of the supplies, but it’s going to be worthwhile. You don’t want to come into the office after a long weekend and see that work hasn’t been done because the cleaners ran out of supplies.

If you have special demands like having no fragrances or using only organic products, you need to ask about this during the interview. You might have to provide your own supplies in this case. Ask about discounts if you’re having to provide all of the supplies.

You need to be able to check off all the boxes without having to put too much pressure on your budget. Ask if they offer different packages that might range from comprehensive to more minimal to suit your needs. You could be paying extra for access to treatments and supplies you don’t use or need.

Everything in life is negotiable, so don’t be afraid to negotiate on price.

4. Does Safety Matter?

If your bathroom cleaners are arriving at your facility after hours, you need to ensure that they’re going to take safety and security seriously. If they spill something that causes an accident, you shouldn’t be held responsible for that.

Ask what kinds of certifications your cleaners have. They should have certifications that have to do with working with chemicals and keeping a space safe. There should be a healthy practice of standards that are in lines with OSHA and other regulations.

Ask about whether or not they’re insured. If they loosen something, leave a space wet with no sign to let people know, or create unsafe conditions, you shouldn’t be held responsible. You shouldn’t take the hit if your cleaner is unsafe.

They also need to ensure that the health of your workers is never at stake. Leaving dangerous cleaning supplies or chemicals out could hurt the people who help you to keep your company running. Even a loos cord that’s left unattended could end up causing you drama.

5. What Are Your Customer Service Needs?

The way that the cleaning company handles problems should have an impact on whether or not you choose to work with them.

If you come in after a weekend away and find that the work that you expected to be done wasn’t, how would they handle it? If something at your office goes missing, will they assist you in the investigation to protect your company and its assets?

Ask these questions during your interview and expect professional cleaners to take these issues seriously.

Thankfully in the digital era, you can find lots of information about every company online. You can read reviews that come from consumers and even B2B clients. Take reviews with a grain of salt but consider the information you find in them when you’re choosing a service provider.

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Is Good for Business

When you choose a quality commercial bathroom cleaning company, you ensure that people leave with a positive perception of your business. If you’re running a dark dive bar that has a clean bathroom, people might love the atmosphere of your bar, but would never call it dirty. It’s important to show your customers that you care with a clean bathroom.

For more information about what you should look for in a cleaning company, contact us today.

Improving Customer Service with Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services

Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services: Improving Customer Service

If you think customers don’t consider clean restrooms significant to the consumer experience, think again. Know the benefits of professional bathroom cleaning.

There are many business owners who don’t place much value on professional bathroom cleaning services. Others don’t even list it as one of their top business expenses.

If you fall into this category of people, you’ll be surprised to learn that the cleanliness of your restrooms is a direct reflection on your business. If you think your customers don’t notice, well, actually they do.

This article explores why bathroom cleaning services need to be in your list of top priorities for your business. Read on.

Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services: Does Your Business Really Need Them

Commercial bathrooms are a bit of a paradox if you think about it. They are private places that are open to the public.

Despite this fact, it should be a place where you, your employees and your customers feel safe and welcome. With the high foot traffic they receive, the place can get pretty dirty.

There’s nothing more off-putting than a dirty bathroom facility. If your public restrooms exhibit any (or all) of the signs listed below, it might be time to bring the experts on board.

  • There are visible smudges, soil or dirt on door handles.
  • There’s that noticeable “bathroom smell”.
  • The restrooms frequently run out of soap, paper towels, and other essential sanitary supplies.
  • The trash cans often get overfilled, with refuse accumulating on the floor around them.
  • The sinks get grimy and dirty or have standing water.
  • Spilled soap collects on the sink counter surface.
  • Floor drains have accumulated debris and soil particles.
  • Sanitary disposal containers are full or damaged.
  • The restroom mirrors have smudges, smears and/or are wet.
  • Your restroom floors are wet and filthy.
  • Toilets and urinals are poorly maintained with a noticeable build-up of grime and sediments.

This list could go on forever. Keeping public restrooms clean and fresh is a dirty job. It’s best to leave it to the well-trained commercial cleaning professionals to keep your public bathroom in tiptop condition.

Commercial Cleaning Services Minneapolis: What Are the Benefits

There’s a huge difference between a restroom looking clean versus it actually being clean. Commercial cleaning services should be able to get your restrooms so clean you could eat off them – if wanted to. Here’s why you should let the experts in:

1. Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Minneapolis: They’re Thorough

When you think of cleaning services, most people imagine a man with a mop. Commercial cleaning is a lot more than that. The industry has evolved over the years to adopt best practices that minimize the spread of disease-causing germs.

Professional cleaning companies adhere to strict standards on how cleaning equipment like mops, should be cleaned, disinfected and stored to limit the spread of bacteria and foul odors. These experts are well aware of cleaning hotspots and high contact touch points that need a little extra attention.

They pay attention to the hard-to-reach areas behind toilets that are notorious for emitting a foul odor if not attended to. They disinfect toilet seats and ensure they’re wiped dry. 

Hand driers and feminine hygiene dispensers can also be a hotbed for germs and bacteria. These services regularly disinfect this equipment and ensure that the dispensers are well stocked with new liners. Your employees and customers will certainly appreciate it.

2. Cleaning Services Minneapolis: Prevents Public Restrooms from Becoming a Health Hazard

To put it delicately, many people treat commercial bathrooms rather unkindly and without a second thought to common courtesy. What’s more, a study by Michigan State University reveals that only 5% of people take the recommended amount of time to wash their hands after using the restroom.  

So, if not properly managed, there’s a high likelihood that your public bathrooms might turn into a health hazard spreading germs to other areas of your premises. So, what does that mean for your business?

You might start to notice a rise in the cases of employee absenteeism due to illnesses. This has a direct impact on your bottom line.

If the disinfection of touch points like bathroom door handles and light switches is ignored, germs are quickly transferred to computer keyboards, touchpads, smartphones, handrails… and eventually to your customers. A professional cleaning service can mitigate this to protect both your employees and customers from catching diseases that could have otherwise been avoided.

3. A Dirty Bathroom Leaves a Lasting Impression

Remember that story about the most disgusting bathroom in Manhattan? It made the headlines for a reason.

Once a customer sees a dirty public restroom, they can never un-see it. That image will be etched in their mind for a long time to come. It leaves them with a horrible impression of your business.

On some level, they might subconsciously avoid your establishment even if you offer excellent products and services. It would be a shame to end up losing customers simply because they don’t want to return to an establishment that has filthy bathrooms.

4. It’s Cost Effective

As a business owner, you better than anyone knows that time is money. If you or any of your employees, have to spend time cleaning the restrooms, that’s time taken away from the business.

So, in actual fact, your business is losing money. If your employees take days off work to recover from an illness or infection that could have otherwise been avoided, because of dirty restrooms, once again, your business is losing money.

From a financial standpoint, investing in a cleaning service makes perfect sense for your customers, your employees and most of all, your business. The prices for these services are actually quite affordable.

The Bottom Line

A spotless, fresh-scented restroom is an important asset to your business. It tells your customers and employees alike that you care about their well-being.

Professional bathroom cleaning services will keep your restrooms, sparkling clean, germ-free and well-stocked at all times. End-to-end customer experience also includes their bathroom experience. This is one area of your business you can’t afford to overlook.

Are you looking for a commercial cleaning service based in Minneapolis? Contact us today and book a consultation.