9 Things Every Minneapolis Building Manager Needs to Know About Commercial Cleaning

Are you in charge of a building’s operations? How much does commercial cleaning cost? How is that determined? Do you need to hire a service? We explain!

The average size of most commercial and office buildings is about 19,000 square feet. And as a building manager, you’re responsible for making sure it’s clean and maintained.

That doesn’t mean you have to handle it on your own. In fact, hiring a commercial cleaning company can make even the largest buildings easy to manage.

Every cleaning company offers different services and finding a company you can trust can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to. Here a few things you should know before you start getting quotes from different services.

1. Cleaning Services Benefit Buildings of All Sizes

Cleaning services are commonly used to help keep larger buildings in good condition. But that doesn’t mean they can’t help you if you manage a small commercial property.

Remember, clean buildings attract more business. And that means it’s easier for you to market the space to prospective tenants.

That’s not all, though. The cleaner the space is, the easier it’ll be to find minor maintenance issues and take care of them before they become a major problem.

This helps you save money in the long-run, no matter how large or small your property is.

2. You Need to Make Sure They’re Insured

All reputable cleaning companies function as a business. This means they have the proper insurance policies in place to protect their workers on the job.

Without coverage, your property management company could be liable for any work-related injuries that the commercial cleaners suffer on your property. And while your business insurance will help pay for the damages, it’s a cost you shouldn’t have to bear.

Before hiring any cleaning company, make sure they’re fully insured. Ask for proof of workers’ compensation coverage and any other relevant business insurance policies before agreeing to a contract.

3. Experience Does Matter

There’s a huge difference between clean and spotless. You and your building’s tenants are more than capable of keeping the building clean. But keeping it spotless takes experience, know-how, and the right tools.

By hiring an experienced cleaning crew, you’ll know that your building will be as clean as possible.

The key here is hiring an experienced team. Look for one with a presence in the community. Check their references, read reviews, and choose a provider that’s been cleaning buildings for at least several years.

4. Costs Depend on Your Building’s Needs

Every company you speak with will likely give you a different rate. But those rates all have one thing in common: they’re calculated based on your building’s needs.

If you have more spaces to clean or dirtier-than-average office spaces, you can expect the price to be higher. That’s because the cleaning company has to spend more time and use more supplies to get the space clean.

That said, avoid companies that offer rock-bottom pricing. With cleaning services, you get what you pay for. And the last thing any building manager needs is to have to hire another crew to finish the job.

5. Companies Specialize in Certain Types of Cleaning

Different parts of your building need different types of cleaning. And hiring a company that specializes in certain rooms guarantees that those areas will be truly clean.

Generalists are great at keeping a space tidy. But when they’re focusing on the entire building instead of just one room, they can’t do as thorough of a job.

Look for a company that specializes in the areas you’re most worried about. For example, if you’ve gotten complaints about your building’s bathrooms, hire an experienced commercial bathroom cleaning company.

6. They Provide the Cleaning Equipment

Unless you have specific cleaning solutions and tools you prefer, your commercial cleaning team will provide their own supplies.

This means you won’t have to worry about stocking a supply cabinet with the right tools and equipment. Over the course of the year, you’ll end up saving hundreds of dollars on cleaning solutions alone.

But more importantly, cleaning services know what works for each type of surface.

7. Commercial Cleaning Companies Will Save You Time

Cleaning takes time. Unless you know what you’re doing, you could spend several hours each week picking up the building and wiping down surfaces. And that’s assuming the space stays relatively clean every day.

As a building manager, you have more important things to take care of. Hiring a professional cleaning company means you’re free to focus on your to-do list instead of cleaning up messes.  

8. Your Cleaning Schedule Will Be Unique

Every building is different and what your company needs might not be what others do. That means your cleaning schedule might differ from those of other similar buildings.

In fact, you might not even need regular cleaning sessions each month.

Your cleaning schedule will focus on your building’s needs and yours alone. If the building sees a lot of traffic, you’ll need to get it cleaned more often. But if the building stays relatively clean, you might be fine with a monthly cleaning service.

When you schedule a consultation, the cleaning crew will let you know what will work best for the space.

9. Professionally Cleaned Spaces Helps with Tenant Retention

Each year, more than 627,000 new businesses open their doors. And they’ll need an office space to work out of.

That means there will be plenty of new tenants to fill vacant spaces. But it’s always better if you can keep your existing tenants. This way, you’ll have dependable rent payments rather than waiting for a few weeks for a tenant to lease the space.

Keeping the building clean and maintaining the common areas is a great way to improve tenant retention. Clean spaces make for happy customers and happy customers are key in keeping a business open.

Hire the Right Commercial Cleaning Team

Believe it or not, one of the dirtiest rooms of any building are the bathrooms. Spare yourself the frustration of having to clean them on your own and let our dedicated commercial cleaning experts keep your bathrooms spotless.

Contact us today to schedule a free facility assessment.

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